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WEGER Name Index

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Abraham, b. abt. 1789.
Albert P., b. abt. 1858, son of Samuel.
Achilles "Killis", son of Abraham (William E.?).
Charles Jasper, b. 12 Mar 1872, son of George Price.
Charles L., b. 18 Feb 1861, son of Samuel.
Charles S., b. abt. 1863, son of William.
Cyntha, b. abt. 1850/1852.
Cynthia Ann, b. 16 Feb 1837, daughter of James M.
Eliza A., b. abt. 1845, daughter of William.
Elizabeth Ellen "Betsy", b. 6 Aug 1844, daughter of James M.
Emily, daughter of Achilles "Killis".
Emmaline, b. b. 29 Jul 1846, daughter of James M.
Francis M., b. abt 1851, son of Samuel.
George Price, b. 9 Sep 1835, son of James M.
George Riley, b. abt. 1849, son of William.
George W., b. abt. 1847, son of John.
Hannah Ann, b. 1850, daughter of John.
Henry, b. 12 Feb 1867, son of George Price.
Hopey Ann, b. abt. 1853, daughter of Samuel.
James M., b. abt. 1808/1809, son of Abraham (William E.?).
James Maddison, b. 5 Oct 1856, son of James M.
James William, b. 30 Nov 1845, son of Samuel.
James William, b. abt. 1851, son of William.
James William, b. 12 Jan 1859, son of George Price.
Jesse N., b. abt. 1857, son of William.
John, son of Abraham (William E.?).
John Marion, b. 31 Jan 1857, son of George Price.
John Price, b. 7 Apr 1839, son of William.
Joseph M., b. 19 Sep 1847, son of William.
Lucinda, daughter of Achilles "Killis".
Lucy Jane, b. 12 Feb 1874, daughter of George Price.
Lucy Lucinda, b. abt. 1863, daughter of Samuel.
Martha E., b. 1849, daughter of John.
Malissa A., b. 2 Jan 1837, daughter of William.
Margaret, b. abt. 1843, daughter of William.
Mary, b. abt. 1835, daughter of William.
Mary Jane, b. 1 Feb 1854, daughter of James M.
Matilda, b. abt. 1833, daughter of William.
Nancy Jane, b. 5 Dec 1869, daughter of George Price.
Nancy Jane, b. 28 Nov 1841, daughter of William.
Randolph, b. 12 Jun 1864, son of George Price.
Samuel, b. abt. 1823, son of Abraham (William E.?).
Samuel Caventar "Sammy", husband of Lucy.
Sarah or Mary Ann, daughter of Abraham (William E.?).
Sarah Ann, b. 16 Feb 1860, daughter of William.
Sarah Elizabeth, b. abt. 1855, daughter of Samuel.
Sarah Olivia, b. 16 Dec 1861, daughter of George Price.
Thomas Franklin, b. abt. 1848, son of Samuel.
William, b. 5 May 1809, son of Abraham (William E.?).
William, b. abt. 1840, son of John.
William Jasper, b. 11 Jan 1855, son of William.
William Riley, b. 27 Jan 1849, son of James M.

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