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CREWS Name Index

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Albert, b. 16 Sep 1841, son of James Crews.
Albert Harlan, b. 2 Sep 1865, son of Albert Crews.
Bettie Ann, b. abt. 1833, daughter of James Crews.
Betty Jane, b. 18 Apr 1918, daughter of James Clifford Crews, Sr.
Carl Clinton, b. 16 Jul 1870, son of Albert Crews.
Charles Johnson, b. 11 Jan 1864, son of Albert Crews.
Elizabeth, b. 5 Dec 1822, daughter of John Crews.
Franklin, b. 25 Feb 1830, son of James Crews.
James, b. 7 Dec 1799, son of John Crews.
James A., b. 24 Oct 1828, son of James Crews.
James Clifford Crews, Jr., b. 15 Aug 1910, son of James Clifford Crews, Sr.
James Clifford, Sr., b. 21 Apr 1886, son of Albert Crews.
John, b. 2 Apr 1872, son of Albert Crews.
Joseph LeRoy, b. 23 Sep 1882, son of Albert Crews.
Leanner "Leewana", b. 23 Dec 1813, daughter of John Crews.
Margaret Florenza., b. 14 Mar 1914, daughter of James Clifford Crews, Sr.
Maria, b. 1839, daughter of James Crews.
Martha Ellen "Mattie", b. 19 Apr 1874, daughter of Albert Crews.
Mary Jane, b. 1825, daughter of James Crews.
Minta Mae, b. 19 Dec 1876, daughter of Albert Crews.
Ora Pearl, b. 17 Jun 1879, daughter of Albert Crews.
Polly, b. 17 Oct 1797, daughter of John Crews.
Samuel R., b. 27 Apr 1810, son of John Crews.
Sarah, b. 27 Feb 1806, daughter of John Crews.
Wiley Willis, b. 1831, son of James Crews.
William Franklin, b. 28 Mar 1868, son of Albert Crews.
William Johnson, b. 7 Aug 1802, son of John Crews.
William Johnson, b. 1824, son of James Crews.

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