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Martha, wife of Arthur G. NEwWMAN.
Mary, wife of Achilles "Killis" WEGER.

Billie, husband of Martha Hardwick STARR.

Mary Ann Elizabeth, 3rd wife of Jared Lindsey or Lynn SHIVER.

George Washington, husband of Mary THURMAN.

Mary Ann, wife of James Marion POYNER.

Georgia Ann, wife of Abijah SHIVER.
Nicey, wife of George Washington SHIVER (1870-????).
Shady, wife of Joel Jackson SHIVER.

Maude, 2nd wife of Johnnie Seaborn SHIVER.

M. M., husband of Sara Lou Della MAHAN.

Charles C., husband of Martha Reid STARR.
William S., son of Charles C.

Annie, wife of William Jennings SULLIVAN.

Alphonses, b. Jan 1891, son of William Green.
Augustus, b. abt. 1852, son of Irvin.
Cansady, b. abt. 1878, daughter of William Green.
Eula Belle, b. Aug 1897, daughter of William Green.
George Ennis, b. Oct 1869, daughter.
Hattie Emma, b. May 1887, daughter of William Green.
Ida Katherine Lenora, b. 1 Mar 1889, daughter of William Green.
Irene, b. 1880, daughter of William Green.
Irvin, b. abt. 1827.
Irvin Jacob, b. 3 Sep 1882, son of William Green.
James H., b. abt. 1857, son of Irvin.
John J., b. abt. Aug 1859, son of Irvin.
Laura M., b. Jan 1893, daughter of William Green.
Lavada, b. abt. 1876, daughter of William Green.
Lillar, b. 10 Oct 1894, daughter of William Green.
Martha J., b. abt. 1855, daughter of Irvin.
Otis, husband of Laura M. SHIRAH.
Rebecca J., b. abt. 1858, daughter of Irvin.
Rosa Lee, b. 7 Jul 1874, daughter of William Green.
Sallie Lou, 1st wife of William M. "Pete" LUCKEY.
William Green, b. abt. 1851, son of Irvin.
William Henry, b. 11 Jan 1883, daughter of William Green.

Elizabeth, wife of John Paul MILLER.

Caleb, husband of Charlotte Pinkston STARR.
Dolly, b. abt. 1780, mother? of Lewis SIMMONS.
Henry, b. abt. 1842, son of Moses.
J.L., b. abt. 1846, son of Lewis.
Joseph, b. abt. 1852, son of Lewis.
Lewis, b. abt. 1810, husband of Polly.
Lewis, b. abt. 1832, son of Moses.
Mary, b. abt. 1839, daughter Moses.
Moses, b. abt. 1812, husband of Delilah.
Moses, b. abt. 1833, son of Moses.
Moses, b. abt. 1848, son of Lewis.
Polly, b. abt. 1813, husband of Lewis.
Polly, b. abt. 1839, daughter of Lewis.
Sarah Delibell or Deliabell, b. 20 Dec 1835, daughter of Moses.
Stephanson, b. abt. 1841, son of Lewis.
Warren, b. abt. 1855, son of Lewis.
William, b. abt. 1829, son of Moses.

Bythia, 3rd wife of Napoleon Bonapart SHIVER.
Martha Ann, wife of Fleming L. SHIVER.

George W., husband of Eliza Ann SULLIVAN.

Bertha E., wife of Samuel Ernest STARR.
Charles A., husband of Martha Adeline MAHAN.
George, husband of Nancy Ann WEGER.
Katy, wife of Joseph MORGAN.

Susan Georgann, wife of Robert Jefferson SHIVER.

Lilla or Lilly, wife of Byron Manning SHIVER.

Emily E., wife of George Isaac SHIVER.

Armilla, b. abt. 1867, daughter of Jeremiah M.
Crawford, b. abt. 1869, son of Jeremiah M.
Eddie G., b. 12 Sep 1882, son of Jeremiah M.
Ellie O., b. 28 Feb 1873, daughter of Jeremiah M.
George T., b. 10 Nov 1861, son of Jeremiah M.
Hattie C., b. abt. 1878, daughter of Jeremiah M.
Ira, b. 25 Feb 1875, son of Jeremiah M.
Ivey J., b. 10 Mar 1881, son of Jeremiah M.
Jeremiah M. "Jerry", husband of Dedanne Elizabeth "Lizzie" SHIVER, son of George.
Jerry M., b. Feb 1880, son of Jeremiah M.
William Jasper, b. Oct 1859, son of Jeremiah M.

Bill, husband of Emily SHIVER.

Ann, wife of William SHIVER.

Mary, 1st wife of Henry STARR.

Callie, b. 4 Mar 1867, daughter of Joseph Spencer.
Clifford Rebecca, b. 15 Jan 1855, daughter of Joseph Spencer.
Cornelia, b. abt. 1870, dughter of Joseph Spencer.
Emmie S., b. 6 Jun 1859, daughter of Joseph Spencer.
Joseph Spencer, b. 10 Jan 1826, son of William, husband of Rebecca Hannah STARR.
Joseph Spencer, Jr., b. 23 Sep 1863, son of Joseph Spencer.
Sallie V., b. 23 Feb 1853, daughter of Joseph Spencer.
William, b. 1798, husband of Mary KELLY.

George Washington, husband of Cynthia Ann McCORKLE.

Alex, possible son of William Manning.
Carl Minor, b. abt. 1908, son of Clement Thomas "Clem".
Charlie R., b. 2 Sep 1900, son of Clement Thomas "Clem".
Civility, b. Dec 1834, daughter of William (1790-1857).
Clement T., son of William (1790-1857), husband of Elizabeth WINGATE.
Clement Thomas "Clem", b. 19 Oct 1871, son of William Manning.
Eliza Ann, b. 9 May 1854, daughter of William Manning.
Elizabeth, b. Jul 1825, daughter of William (1790-1857).
Elizabeth BeeAnn, b. 1858, daughter of William Manning.
Elmira, b. abt. 1836, daughter of William (1790-1857).
Emma "Jane", b. abt. 1906, daughter of Clement Thomas "Clem".
Henry Grady, b. 8 Aug 1902, son of Clement Thomas "Clem".
Henry William, b. 13 Sep 1860, son of William Manning.
Jefferson, b. 29 Mar 1822, son of William (1790-1857).
John, b. 7 Jan 1821, son of William (1790-1857).
John Lafayette, b. 1867, son of William Manning.
John Nelson, possible son of Clement Thomas "Clem".
Josephine Rebecca, b. abt. 1904, daughter of Clement Thomas "Clem".
Lydia, b. 1850, daughter of William Manning, wife of Ransom SHIVER.
Margaret Rebecca, b. 1865, daughter of William Manning.
Martha Ann, b. abt. 1827, daughter of William (1790-1857).
Martha Jane, b. 1861, daughter of William Manning.
Mary, b. 15 Feb 1813, daughter of William (1790-1857).
Mary Frances, b. 20 Oct 1847, daughter of William Manning, wife of James Allen SHIVER.
Mitchell, b. 19 Jul 1819, son of William (1790-1857).
Mittie J. or Talmedge, b. 3 Jul 1893, daughter of Clement Thomas "Clem".
Roger T. (Pierce?), b. 30 May 1919, son of Clement Thomas "Clem".
Ruby "Lucille", b. abt. 1912, daughter of Clement Thomas "Clem".
Russell Clem, b. 18 Dec 1910, son of Clement Thomas "Clem".
Sarah A. Sophronia, b. 1855, daughter of William Manning.
Solomon, b. 22 Apr 1838, son of William (1790-1857).
Thomas "Gilbert", b. 30 Oct 1895, son of Clement Thomas "Clem".
William, b. abt. 1816, POSSIBLE son of William (1790-1857).
Williamb. abt. 1790, husband of Lydia PEACOCK.
William A., b. 21 Apr 1898, son of Clement Thomas "Clem".
William Jennings, b. 11 Mar 1863, son of William Manning.
William Manning, b. 3 Mar 1828, son of William (1790-1857), husband of Rebecca Jane SHIVER.

Sarah Ann, wife of John Jackson SHIVER.

Nellie Elma, daughter of John Thomas, wife of Perry Lloyd SHIVER.

Amanda, wife of John Lafayette SULLIVAN.
Mary Eloiza, daughter of Samuel, wife of Lucius Ernest STARR.
Samuel, husband of Eliza Matilda ROSSER.

Leonard Lonze, husband of Hattie Emma SHIRAH.
Mary Ann, 2nd wife of James M. WEGER.
Mr., husband of Sarah Elizabeth WEGER.

Benjamin, father of Philip.
Easter, b. 25 Jun 1788, daughter of Philip.
Eli, b. 22 Apr 1784, son of Philip.
Elijah, b. 27 Feb 1805, son of Philip.
Ephraim, b. 16 Jan 1797, son of Philip.
James, b. 1786, son of Philip.
John, b. 1808, son of Philip.
Mary, b. 17 Mar 1792, daughter of Philip.
Philip, b. 15 Nov 1757, husband of Keziah ????.
Phoebe, b. 25 Jun 1788, daughter of Philip.
Sarah "Sallie", b. 24 Mar 1790, daughter of Philip, wife of Elisha ROGERS.
Stephen, b. abt. 1799, son of Philip.
Susannah, b. 27 Feb 1805, daughter of Philip.

Andrew, b. abt. 1849, son of William.
Elizabeth, b. abt. 1854, son of William.
Jeremiah, b. abt. 1848, son of William.
Jordan, b. abt. 1852, daughter of William.
Laudrick, b. abt. 1858, son of William.
Marinda, b. 8 Nov 1845, daughter of William.
Marinda, wife of William Preston SHIVER.
Stephen, b. abt 1856, twin son of William.
Thomas, b. Feb 1860, son of William.
Wesley, b. abt. 1856, twin son of William.
William, b. abt. 1825.

Hannah, wife of John Elijah STARR.

Elizabeth, appears in 1795 Wilkes Co., GA tax list along with John CAIN.
Samuel, appears in 1795 Wilkes Co., GA tax list along with John CAIN.

John, 2nd husband of Annie SHIVER.
Minnie, wife of Daniel Doy SHIVER.

Sarah Annie, wife of Samuel T. SHIVER

Vick, husband of Susan ROGERS.

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