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Rebecca Jane SHIVER

The following information was provided by Tara Barrett. Please contact her if you have any questions regarding this material.

Rebecca Jane Shiver was born 4 Oct 1827 in Georgia. She was the oldest child of Manning and Sarah SHIVER.

She was married 1 Jun 1846 in Alachua County, Florida to William Manning SULLIVAN, son of William SULLIVAN, Jr. and Lydia PEACOCK. The known children of this couple are:

  1. Mary Frances, b. 20 Oct 1847, d. 9 Jun 1927. (Married James Allen SHIVER).
  2. Lydia A., b. 1850, d. 1900. (Married Ransom SHIVER).
  3. Eliza Ann, b. 9 May 1854, d. 16 Mar 1936. (Married George W. SINGLETON).
  4. Sarah A. Sophronia, b. 1855. (Married James M. FAIRCLOTH).
  5. Elizabeth BeeAnn, b. 1858, d. 17 Jan 1878.
  6. Henry William, b. 13 Sep 1860, d. 3 Mar 1943. (Married Ellen Ethel HOLT).
  7. Martha Jane, b. 1861. (Married Ashley G. DARLING).
  8. William Jennings, b. 11 Mar 1863, 9 Aug 1919. (Married Annie SHELTON).
  9. Margaret Rebecca, b. 1865.
  10. John Lafayette, b. 1867. (Married Amanda TEPPER).
  11. Clement Thomas, b. 19 Oct 1871, d. 3 May 1949. (Married Emma Lou ROGERS).

There is a possibility that they had another son, Alex, but no dates are available for him.

William Manning Sullivan died on 26 Sep 1883 in Decatur County, Georgia. He is buried in the Mt. Pleasant Cemetery there. Rebecca followed him in death on 30 Apr 1912 also in Decatur County, Georgia. She is also buried in Mt. Pleasant Cemetery.

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