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John Jackson SHIVER
(1792-bef. 1830)

(A HUGE thank you to Ed Mason for his help in sorting out the confusion on the apparent "two Jacobs"! Ed is a descendant of John Jackson Shiver. Without his help, I doubt we'd have ever solved this. Thanks Ed! Read his comments and conclusions here.)

John Jackson Shiver, son of Jacob and Darcus SHIVER, was born abt. 1792 in Camden District, South Carolina. He married Sara Ann SWILLEY (daughter of Nicholas SWILLEY?) on 12 Mar 1812 in Baldwin Co, GA. The known children of this couple are:

  1. Nicholas, b. abt 1813. (Married (1) Unknown and (2) Frances ????).
  2. Jacob, b. abt. 1814, d. Dec 1860. (Married (1) Unknown (2) Catherine COOPER).
  3. Samuel James Augustus, b. 10 Apr 1815, d. 27 Aug 1912. (Married Sarah Ann Delila PRESTWOOD).
  4. Dorcus, b. 1817, d. 16 Sep 1895. (Married John McINTOSH).
  5. Gilley, b. 10 Feb 1819, d. 13 Aug 1863. (Married William Terry PRESTWOOD).
  6. Abraham, b. 8 Feb 1820, d. 7 Dec 1894. (Married Minda or Minnie JOHNSON).
  7. baby (sex unknown), b. 1821, d. 1821.
  8. Mary, b. abt. 1823. (Married Chapman MOTLEY).

It seems that John Jackson died before 1830, as the Pike County, Alabama census records list Mrs. Sarah SHIVER near William SHIVER, likely brother of her husband John Jackson, and her brother Samuel SWILLEY). This record is noted below:

1830 Federal Census of Pike County, Alabama
Page #24
Free White Males: 1 - 5-10, 1 - 10-15, 2 - 15-20, 1 - 80-90;
Free White Females: 1 - 5-10, 2 - 10-15, 1- 30-40.

[The 80-90-year-old man living in this household is, I suspect, Sara's father, Nicholas SWILLEY. I have no proof of this, but given Sarah is listed as the head of household, I'm assuming he may have been old and infirm.]

1850 Federal Census of Coffee County, Alabama
Enumeration Date: 15 Oct 1850
Page #273, Dwelling #115, Family #115

Sarah SHIVER 58 F $200 South Carolina
Abraham SHIVER 30 M Farmer Georgia
Minder SHIVER 10 M Alabama

[I believe that this Minder, male, age 10, was most likely Minda (JOHNSON) SHIVER, Abraham's wife, who was most definitely female and 19 years old! (Another case of inaccuracy in the census...)]

Sarah appears to have died between 1850 and 1860, as she does not appear in the 1860 census. Two of her children named daughters Sarah, one in 1855 and the other about 1857, which could give an indication of her approximate year of death.

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