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(abt. 1760 - 1826)

Jacob Shiver was born about 1760, probably in Craven County, South Carolina. His birthplace can at this point only be determined by where the family was living at the time. At this point, it is assumed (though there is no documented evidence as yet) that his parents were married in Craven Co., South Carolina. Given that most of John Shiver's property was obtained on the Wateree River in present-day Kershaw Co., and that a man by the name of John Shiver served with numerous men named PAYNE from the surrounding area in a military unit in 1760, I'm hypothesizing that Jacob was born in South Carolina.

Jacob was the oldest known son of John and Hannah SHIVER.

Jacob was married to Darcus ???? about 1781, presumably in Kershaw County, South Carolina. The known children of this couple, all born in South Carolina, are: (The birth order and sexes of these children is based solely on pre-1850 census records, and thus may be completely inaccurate, but this is the best that can be done at this time.)

  1. Mary, b. abt. 1782.
  2. Miss Shiver, b. abt. 1785.
  3. Miss Shiver, b. abt. 1787.
  4. Jacob Jr., b. abt. 1789. (Married Mary ????).
  5. John Jackson, b. abt. 1792. (Married Sarah Ann SWILLEY).
  6. William, born abt. 1793. (Married Nancy ????).
  7. Miss Shiver, b. abt. 1795.
  8. Abijah, b. abt. 1797. (Married Charlotte ????). (SPECULATIVE CONNECTION AT THIS TIME)

1800 Federal Census for Kershaw County, South Carolina
Roll #49, Page #399
Head of Household: Jacob SHIVER
Free White Males: 3 - Under 10; 1 - 10-16; 1 - 26-45
Free White Females: 1 - Under 10; 2 - 10-16; 1- 16-26.

Though it appears from the 1800 Census that Jacob has remarried to a young woman (who was Darcus according to the quit claim deed filed by the widow and heirs of John Shiver), it is not entirely clear if this is the case. Census enumerators at that time were not reknowned for their accuracy (and neither were individuals very well-versed in their own birthdates!), and given that the ages of individuals in the census were noted as a hatch mark in an age column, and that the pages were large and entries could be easily misaligned, it is possible that Darcus should have been listed in the 26-45 age range. At this point it is speculation to assume that Jacob had two wives until further evidence can be obtained.

In 1819, Jacob was granted 2 draws in the 1819 land lottery in Georgia in Captain Adam Jones' District. In 1820, we find him again in the census:

1820 Federal Census for Wilkinson County, Georgia
Page #215
Head of Household: Jacob SHIVER Sr.
Free White Males: 1 - Under 10; 2 - 10-16; 1 - 16-26; 1 - Over 45;
Free White Females: 1 - Under 10; 2 - 10-16; 1 -26-45; 1 - Over 45.

I'm not certain how to make the ages of these children fit with Jacob's children. Given that we don't have the names of those living in the household at the time, it could be that one of Jacob's children, his/her spouse, and their children are living with them there.

Jacob died probably in Wilkinson or Laurens County, Georgia on 7 Jan 1826, according to the James & Polly Shiver Bible record. Darcus' date of death is unknown, and a Darcus Shiver does appear in the 1830 Dooly County, Georgia Census between the ages of 50 and 60. It is likely that this is Jacob's widow. It has been speculated that she was Jacob's second wife. She would have been 13 at the time of the birth of Jacob's first child if indeed she was around age 60 in 1830. Again, noting how poor some were at knowing their age (we see people age 2 or 3 years between census records sometimes, and then 14 years between the next ten years!), it is tough to know if she was Jacob's only wife, or his second wife.

It should also be noted that some family researchers believe Jarret Lin Shiver and Abner Bartlet Shiver of Alabama to be sons of Jacob and Darcus, and they base this on Abner's Bible record. I have yet to find anything in the Bible records that I have seen that give any indication that this is the case. Other's of Jacob's children did end up in Alabama, but so did some of the children of John & Lyddia (about whom we know very little), and it is possible they can be tied to this man as well. If anyone else has information on this that would clear it up, I would love to hear from you!

Also, Ruth Manning of Uriah, AL had put together a family group on Jacob that included a good deal more children (daughters and sons), which was supposed to show Darcus as the second wife. If anyone has a copy of this information, I would love to obtain a copy! I would like to see it and verify her sources if any are noted. Thanks!

If you can add any information to the above data or have any questions, please contact me at the address below. Thank you!

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