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Abner Bartlet SHIVER

The following information was provided by Shirley Turner Shiver and Jim Swailes, after many, many years of hard work and research!

Abner Bartlet Shiver was born 8 Feb 1819 in South Carolina. According to the Bible records transcribed below, he married Mary JOHNSON (possibly the daughter of Reuben and Lamender JOHNSON **see explanation below**) on 20 Jun 1841 in Alabama.

The known children of this couple are:

  1. Prudence, b. 24 Mar 1845, d. 20 Sep 1902.
  2. Lamender, b. 18 Apr 1848. (Married Asa ALUMS).
  3. Lottie, b. 4 Nov 1851, d. abt 1896. (Married William John BUNDRICK).
  4. Abner Marion, b. 10 Jun 1854, d. 30 Oct 1910. (Married (1) Amanda F. BUNDRICK and (2) Mary Eliza KING).
  5. William Riley, b. 23 Apr 1857, d. 2 Oct 1916. (Married (1) Luisa JACKSON and (2) Mrs. Celie FOOTE).
  6. Jared Lindsey, b. 17 Jan 1860, d. abt 1910. (Married (1) Victoria Missouri PRESTWOOD, (2) Amargina JOHNSON and (3) Mary Ann Elizabeth SAULS).
  7. Abijah, b. 14 Jul 1863, d. 8 Apr 1939. (Married Georgia Ann SENN).
  8. Joel Jackson, b. 28 Sep 1866, d. 25 Jun 1938. (Married Shady SENN).
  9. George Washington, 9 Oct 1870. (Married Nicey SENN).

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With a BIG thank you to Shirley Turner Shiver, the transcription of the Abner Bartlet SHIVER family Bible is below with notes from Shirley:

"The copy I am working from is not very clear...some sections missing...will do the best I can. Numbers indicate separate entries, divided in Bible by a wavy line. Copy I was given was not numbered as to page, so entries may not be listed here as they were originally.

**Abner's Bible (below) records the birth of another Mary JOHNSON. Unfortunately, Abner did not state her relationship to Mary b 1789; nor did he state his father's name. She was born 7 Apr 1789, the daughter of Rheubin and Lamender JOHNSON. I believe she is Abner's mother because:

  1. Rheubin JOHNSON was a witness to the Quit Claim Deed that Hannah and her children all signed in S.C.
  2. Abner named his 2nd daughter "Lamender.""

The record:

1-Mary Johnson the Daughter of Rheuben Johnson and Lamender Johnson was born April the 7th day 1789
2-Jarot Lin Shiver was born November the 5th day 1813
3-Abner Bartlet Shiver was born February the 8th day 1815 and died December the ___ 1894
4-Abner B. Shiver and Mary Johnson was married June the 20th 1841
5-Mary Johnson the Daughter of Wm F Johnson and Elizabeth Johnson was born December the third day 1826
6-Prudence Shiver was born March the 24th day 184_
7-Lamender Shiver was born April the 18th day 184_
8-Lotty Shiver was born November the 4th 1851
9-Marion Shiver was born June 10 1854
10-William Shiver was Born April the 23 1857
11-Jarred Linzey Shiver Jur was Born January the 17th 1860
12-Abijah Shiver was Born July 14th 1868
13-Joel Jackson Shiver was born Sept 28th 1866
14-George Washington Shiver was born October the 9th AD 1870
16-Efey-Lener Lamengie Shiver was born Nov the 5th (9 o'clock) 1893
17-George W. Shiver and Nicie Senn was Married May the 14th 1899
18-Abner Frank Shiver was born March the 4---
19-Mary Shiver was borned---
20-Missouri Shive was Born May 29, 1890
22-James Abercrombie was Borned Sept the 16 day 1901
24-Sadie Senn--George W--1913--born this day october the 20 after--morning of 1909
25-Sarah Elizabeth Shiver the daughter of Bill Shiver and Karan Shiver was Born Feb the 24th day 1801
26-Abner Bartlett Shiver Jr. was Born August the 5th AD 1864
27-Mr William Shiver was Born November 15 1866
28-Wm F Johnson deceased his life August 14th 1874

Next is a page of just names..no indication as to why they were entered:
Z.W. Hasteney; John J. Brown; Joseph M. Chapman; W.L. Stoddard; Edmon Calwell; J C Laney; Marion Shiver; Asie (Asa) Alums; James S. Chapman; Larance T Ruzbee; _elle Smith; J L Shiver; James Mathis; L M Hawthorne; A B Shiver; Stephen Boyet

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1850 Federal Census of Southern Division, Dale County, Alabama
Enumeration Date: 18 Oct 1850
Page #170, Dwelling #79, Family #79

Abner B. SHIVER 31 M Farmer $100 S. Carolina
Mary SHIVER 21 F     Alabama
Prudence SHIVER 5 F     Alabama
Lamender SHIVER 1 F     Alabama

1860 Federal Census of Newton P.O., Dale County, Alabama
Enumeration Date: 8 Sep 1860
Page #705, Dwelling #1391, Family #1391

A. B. SHIVER 41 M Farmer $1000 $870 S. Carolina
Mary SHIVER 35 F       Alabama
Prudence SHIVER 15 F       Alabama
Lucinda SHIVER 13 F       Alabama
Lotty SHIVER 13 F       Alabama
Marion SHIVER 7 M       Alabama
William SHIVER 4 M       Alabama
Jarret SHIVER 7/12 M       Alabama

1870 Federal Census of Beat #12, Barnes Road P.O., Dale County, Alabama
Enumeration Date: 27 Jun 1870
Page #270, Dwelling #112, Family #112

A. B. SHIVER 57 M W Farmer $500 $485 SC
Mary SHIVER 44 F W Keeps house     Ala
Prudence SHIVER 23 F W       Ala
Lotty SHIVER 19 F W       Ala
Marion SHIVER 16 M W       Ala
William SHIVER 13 M W       Ala
Jarred L. SHIVER 10 M W       Ala
Elijah SHIVER 8 M W       Ala

1880 Federal Census of Dixon's Beat #7, Pike County, Alabama
Enumeration Date: 23 Jun 1880
Enumeration District #144, Page #25a, Dwelling #(unreadable), Family #(unreadable)

Abner B SHIVER W M 61 Head Md Farming SC SC SC
Mary SHIVER W F 53 Wife Md Keeping House Ala SC SC
Wm. SHIVER W M 22 Son S Farming Ala SC Ala
Prudence SHIVER W F 31 Daughter S At Home Ala SC Ala
Abijah SHIVER W M 18 Son S At Home Ala SC Ala
Jackson SHIVER W M 14 Son S Farming Ala SC Ala
George SHIVER W M 10 Son S At Home Ala SC Ala

Abner Bartlet died on 7 Dec 1894 in Dale County, Alabama and is buried in the Mt. Olive Cemetery, Rocky Head in Dale County. Mary followed him in death on 26 Apr 1906, also in Dale County and is buried next to him in the Mt. Olive Cemetery.

If you can add any information to the above data or have any questions, please contact me. Thank you!

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