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Elisha ROGERS was born 4 Dec 1787, most likely in Montgomery County, Virginia. Eleanor Edmondson, a dedicated and knowledgeable ROGERS researcher, gives this explanation for concluding that this was his birth place:

  1. Lee Co. was not created until 1793. Elisha was born in 1787 so he wasn't born in Lee Co. Lee was formed from Russell Co., but I find no Rogers from the Doswell Rogers line in this area at that time. They don't move to Russell Co. until 1792. At that time they sign the petition for the creation of Lee Co.
  2. In 1787 the family of Doswell Rogers was living in Montgomery Co., VA. Therefore, my best guess would be that he was born in Montgomery Co.

Eleanor has also prepared a timeline for Elisha ROGERS, which works to determine where he was at any various times.

His parents are unknown at this time. It has been published numerous times that his father was William ROGERS of White County, Tennessee. This is incorrect. Though William DID have a son Elisha, this son was a minor child in need of a guardian at the time of William's death in the early 1820's. The Elisha we are discussing was a married man with numerous children by this time. It is more likely these men are related as uncle and nephew.

It is believed, and backed up by somewhat circumstantial evidence, that Elisha was the son of Dauswell ROGERS, Jr. of Lee (and later Scott) County, Virginia, a brother to William ROGERS of White County. Definitive proof has not been forthcoming at this time.

Elisha was married in 1809, most likely in Bledsoe County, Tennessee to Sarah "Sally" THURMAN, daughter of Philip and Keziah THURMAN. They had 16 known children, the first three of which were born in Tennessee. Elisha and Sarah moved to Lee County, Virginia between 1812 and 1816, as Keziah and Nancy were born in Virginia. Phoebe, most likely born abt. 1820 was probably born in Virginia as well. The remaining children were most likely born in Hamilton County, Tennessee after they'd moved there before William L. was born. The last 4 children in the list died as infants or young children. It is difficult at this point to know how they fit into the birth order of the other children. Their children were:

  1. Alfred McKinney, b. 27 Feb 1810, d. 30 Oct 1887. (Married Mary Ann COBBS).
  2. John, b. abt. 1811. (Married Pamelia ????).
  3. James, b. abt 1812. (Married Sallie HOLLOWAY).
  4. Keziah Thurman, b. 1816, d. 10 May 1881. (Married James C. CONNOR).
  5. Nancy, b. abt 1817. (Married William LUSK).
  6. Phoebe, b. abt 1820?. (Married Samuel WIRE/WEIR/WARE).
  7. William L., b. 10 Nov 1821, d. 1 Jan 1892. (Married Sarah COBBS).
  8. Mary, b. 3 Aug 1824, d. 10 May 1873. (Married Russell M. MARTIN).
  9. Dauswell, b. abt 1826. (Married Elizabeth BENNETT).
  10. Elizabeth, b. abt 1829. (Married John RAGON).
  11. Sarah "Sallie", b. abt. 1832. (Married Alexander MARTIN).
  12. Susan, b. abt 1832. (Married John VICK).
  13. Jackson, d. young.
  14. Eli, d. as a child.
  15. Philip, d. as a child.
  16. Sonny, d. as an infant.

Elisha was a rather well-to-do man who owned a good deal of land in and around Hamilton County, Tennessee. Land transactions in which he played a role will be posted to this web site in the future.

Elisha died on 27 Mar 1858 in Hamilton County, Tennessee. His wife, Sally, followed him in death on 8 Apr 1862, also in Hamilton County. Their burial location is unknown to me at this time.

If you can add any information to the above data or have any questions, please contact me. Thank you!

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