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John Joseph SUSAK II

John Joseph SUSAK was born 27 May 1858 in Austrian Poland, in Galicia, which at the time was part of the Austro-Hungarian Empire. He was the son of John SUSAK and Katherine KUBOT or KABOT.

He was married to Mary (Marianna) DZIALOWSKA between 1884 and 1886 in Galicia. They had their oldest daughter there, and the remaining children were born in the United States after they immigrated. The following children were born to this couple:

  1. Anna Katarzyna or Catherine, b. 24 Feb 1887, d. 6 Mar 1945 (Married Allen C. ERB).
  2. Felicia Caroline "Carrie", b. 3 Jun 1892, d. 7 Aug 1979. (Married Otto Henry BONDLY).
  3. Julianna Elizabeth, b. 10 Feb 1894, d. 2 Sep 1971. (Married Charles William HAMBEK).
  4. Mary Josephine, b. 12 Aug 1896, d. 3 Apr 1983. (Married Ben SOLAR).
  5. John Joseph III, b. 5 May 1898, d. Mar 1966. (Married Alice SELFORS).
  6. Stanislaus Frank, b. 5 Apr 1900, d. 18 Jun 1901.
  7. Josephine Ann, b. 15 Mar 1902, d. 23 Sep 1984. (Married T. Jens ANDERSON).
  8. Albert, b. Feb 1905, d. 10 Mar 1905.
  9. Regina "Regan", b. 10 Mar 1908, d. 21 Apr 1991. (Married Joseph A. PITNER).

John SUSAK immigrated to the United States sometime between 1889 and 1891, according to various census records. Given that ship's lists are not indexed for that time period into New York Harbor, and one month's worth of immigration is contained on one roll of microfilm, I have yet to find their arrival into the United States. (But I will keep looking...!)

After John arrived, he sent for his brother Albert, and then his wife Mary, and oldest daughter, Katherine. Albert's wife Annie did not come to the U.S. until 1899. They had two children in Austria that did not come to the U.S. with her, and I suspect they may have been ill and could not come. Unfortunately, they died there, and Albert and Annie had no other children.

The first official record of John and Mary's presence here is found in 1900 in the census records below:

1900 Federal Census of House #81, Forty-Sixth St., Pittsburgh, Allegheny County, Pennyslvania
Enumeration Date: 11 Jun 1900
T623, Roll #1361, Vol. 11, Sheet 17, Enum. Dist. #201, Line #9.

John SUSSAIC Head May 1857 43 Austria
Mary SUSSAIC Wife Aug 1868 31 Austria
Cathern SUSSAIC Daughter Nov 1886 13 Pennsylvania
Margarette SUSSAIC Daughter Jan 1892 8 Pennsylvania
Julia SUSSAIC Daughter Apr 1894 6 Pennsylvania
Mary SUSSAIC Daughter Mar 1896 4 Pennsylvania
John SUSSAIC Son Jan 1898 2 Pennsylvania
Frank SUSSAIC Son Apr 1900 2/12 Pennsylvania

It should be noted that Katherine is stated to have been born in Pennsylvania. Please remember that census records are not always accurate. This census record also notes that John and Mary SUSAK had been married for 15 years, and that Mary had had 7 children, with 6 still alive. I suspect that this other child was born before they left for the US and died either before they left or during the journey. There are no records of the birth or death of this child in the parish records of the St. Stanislaus Kostka Church in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. The record also notes that none of the family speak English.

1910 Federal Census of Eureka Twsp., Ward County, North Dakota
Enumeration Date: 7 May 1910
T624, Roll #1149, Sheet 11b, Enum. Dist. #177, Dwelling #28, Family #28.

John SUSAK Head 52 26 Aust-Pol. Aust-Pol. Aust-Pol.
Mary SUSAK Wife 42 26 Aust-Pol. Aust-Pol. Aust-Pol.
Julia SUSAK Daughter 16 Single Penn. Aust-Pol. Aust-Pol.
Mary SUSAK Daughter 14 Single Penn. Aust-Pol. Aust-Pol.
John SUSAK Son 12 Single Penn. Aust-Pol. Aust-Pol.
Josie SUSAK Daughter 8 Single N. Dakota Aust-Pol. Aust-Pol.
Regina SUSAK Daughter 2 Single N. Dakota Aust-Pol. Aust-Pol.

John's immigration is listed as 1889 in this record and Mary's as 1900 (which is obviously incorrect...) Also that all in the family speak English, except the elder Mary, who speaks Polish. It also notes she has 7 children, of which 7 are living. John is in general farming and owns his property which is mortgaged.

1920 Federal Census of Eureka Twsp., Ward County, North Dakota
Enumeration Date:
T625, Roll #, Sheet , Enum. Dist. #, Dwelling #, Family #.

John J. SUSAK Head 63 Galicia Polish Bohemia Bohemia
Mary SUSAK Wife 53 Galicia Polish Galicia-Au Galicia-Au
Julia SUSAK Daughter 24 Penn. Polish Galicia-Au Galicia-Au
John SUSAK Son 21 Penn. Polish Galicia-Au Galicia-Au
Josephine SUSAK Daughter 17 N. Dakota Polish Galicia-Au Galicia-Au
Regina SUSAK Daughter 11 N. Dakota Polish Galicia-Au Galicia-Au

This census record indicates that John J. and Mary were naturalized citizens that immigrated in 1889 and received their citizenship in 1900.

Mary SUSAK died as a result of a paralytic stroke on 29 Nov 1930 at the Susak farm in Eureka Township. John followed her quickly in death, dying on 7 Jan 1931 also at the farm. They are both buried in St. Leo's Cemetery in Minot.

If you can add any information to the above data or have any questions, please contact me. Thank you!

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