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Charles Jasper WEGER

Charles Jasper WEGER was born on 12 Mar 1872 in Honey Creek Township, Crawford County, Illinois. He was the only son of George Price WEGER and Catherine Jane HEATH.

He was married to Emma Mae WINEMAN on 8 Aug 1894 in Honey Creek Township, Crawford County, Illinois. To this marriage was born 9 children:

  1. Audrey Blanche, b. 17 Nov 1895, d. 24 Apr 1897.
  2. Florence Mae, b. 1 Nov 1899, d. 1991. (Married Harry E. SULLIVAN).
  3. Dorotha Hallie, b. 30 Sep 1900, d. 17 Sep 1975. (Married (1) Eugene APPLEGATE and (2) Richard McCONEMY).
  4. Cecil Glenn, b. 27 Apr 1903, d. 4 Jan 1974. (Married Della Margaret WAGONER).
  5. Guy M. O'Brien, b. 9 Oct 1906, d. 1 Jan 1907.
  6. LIVING.
  7. Dwight Woodrow, b. 3 Mar 1912, d. Apr 1997. (Married Myrtle SYKES).
  8. Harriet Kathryn, b. 24 Apr 1915, d. 16 Jan 1995. (Married James Clifford Crews, Jr.).
  9. Stanley Maurice, b. 30 Dec 1917, d. 8 Sep 2003. (Married LIVING).

A biographical article about Charles "Chart" Weger was published in the Flat Rock Journal of 31 Aug 1916. The article read as follows:

CHARLES J. WEGER -- Farmer and Stockman, One of Flat Rock's Leading Citizens

     One of the leading and most progressive citizens and largest land owners in Crawford County is Charles J. Weger, whose home is in the west part of the village of Flat Rock.
     Mr. Weger, who is the son of Geo. P. and Katherine Weger, was born on a farm two miles west of Flat Rock, in Honey Creek township in 1872. He received his early education in the country schools of the district, and was raised to the pursuit of farming, which he has followed all his life. His ancestors came to Illinois and Crawford County in an early day and were pioneers in the making of this section. They were of that Kentucky stock who knew the trials and tribulations of those "who came before," and are responsible for our broad fields and fertile acres which produce the golden grain. When the oil boom came to this part of the state, Mr. Weger's farm later proved to be in the center of one of the richest pools which were developed here, in what is known as the Parker pool. Others of his farms are now in the producing belt.
     Mr. Weger owns five farms in Crawford and Lawrence Counties and one farm in Alabama, and these lands are among the most productive in this section. His holdings comprise 720 acres in all. Mr. Weger specializes in grain and stock raising, which he pursues on a large scale on his farms, and his time is taken up in overseeing the work and in general management.
     In 1893 Mr. Weger was married to Miss Emma Wineman, a daughter of Jot and Harriett Wineman, who were also of the prominent families of this section. To them have been born six children, two boys and four girls: Flossie, Dortha, Cecil, Zayda, Woodrow and Harriette. The family are members of the Baptist Church and are active in its support and the work of the Church.
     In politics Mr. Weger is affiliated with the Democratic party and while he has never held office, is a man who takes deep interest in the affairs of his parts and is ready at all times to lend support to the party and its candidates.
     With his family Mr. Weger yearly takes a trip and they have traveled extensively in all sections of the country, and the coming winter he expects to spend in Florida, where he will place his children in schools and colleges.
     Previous to the fire in 1912, Mr. Weger was part owner of the Flat Rock Journal, with which he has been connected for about two years.
     Mr. Weger is the type of man who stands for those things which are for the advancement of his town and country, and he may be counted on to lend aid and support to all worthy causes, and such men as these are the ones it is our aim to have represented in this industrial edition, and most certainly Mr. Weger measures up to this standard.

Charles owned a large home in the town of Flat Rock. He was living there when he suddenly died of a heart attack on 23 Dec 1944. He is buried in Jones Cemetery south of Flat Rock, in Crawford County, Illinois. Emma Mae followed him in death on 19 Aug 1961 in Lawrence County, Illinois. She is buried next to him in Jones Cemetery.

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