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Rebecca Hannah STARR

Information on this line was obtained from Cliff Roberts.

Rebecca Hannah STARR, 4th child of Samuel Steele STARR and Hannah MELEAR, was born 25 Oct 1829 in Newton County, Georgia.

Rebecca was married to Joseph Spencer STEWART in Oxford, Newton County, Georgia on 18 Aug 1849, by the Methodist Bishop James O. Andrews. To this marriage was born 6 children:

  1. Sallie V., b. 23 Feb 1853, d. 24 Jun 1925.
  2. Clifford Rebecca, b. 15 Jan 1855, d. 25 Nov 1887. (Married Dr. James William ROBERTS).
  3. Emmie S., b. 6 Jun 1859, d. 19 Jan 1929.
  4. Joseph Spencer, Jr., b. 23 Sep 1863, d. 25 Mar 1934. (Married Selma HAHR).
  5. Callie, b. 4 Mar 1867, d. 7 Apr 1888.
  6. Cornelia Ann "Kitty", b. abt. 1870.

Joseph Stewart was born in Newberry District, South Carolina on 10 Jan 1826 to Rev. William STEWART (1798-1863) and Mary KELLY (1797-1882). Joseph attended and graduated from Emory College in 1849 and became a school teacher. From 1854 until the Civil War, Joseph was in charge of the preparatory department of Emory College. During the war he, with friend Gustavus ORR, built and ran a shoe factory for the Confederate government.

After the war, Joseph Stewart, Orr and V. L. TOMMY began a successful hardware business in Atlanta. Joseph sold his interest in the firm in 1878, and devoted the rest of his life to educational and church work. He was County School Commissioner of Newton County for 12 years.

Joseph died in Oxford, Newton County, Georgia on 14 Mar 1895. Rebecca followed him in death on 25 Nov 1906, also in Newton County. They are both buried (along with Joseph's parents) in the Old Oxford Cemetery near the Emory campus in Newton County.

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