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(abt. 1776-1831)

James Shiver was born about 1776 in Kershaw County, South Carolina, a son of John and Hannah Shiver. From the last page of John's quit claim deed, we know that in 1799 James' wife was Elizabeth, but there is no knowledge of her maiden name, and they were most likely very recently married, probably about 1798. To this marriage was born at least 4 sons, and most likely some unidentified daughters:

  1. Enoch, b. abt. 1799, d. abt 1848 (Married Dedemiah LOVE or NETTLES).
  2. Fleming, b. abt. 1800, d. 1833. (Married Elizabeth CALHOUN).
  3. Manning, b. abt. 1804, d. bet. 1860/1870. (Married Sarah LOVE or NETTLES).
  4. Ransom, b. abt. 1810, d. bef. 30 Oct 1854. (Married Sarah ????).

After many years of trying to figure out which of the sons of John our Enoch Shiver (b. abt. 1799 in SC) belonged to, Lyrice (Shiver) McCranie and I have come to the conclusion that Enoch was the son of James and that at the least Manning and Ransom Shiver are his brothers. Fleming also seems to fit into this family. Most of these conclusions are based on legal documents and transactions taking place in and around the 1830s in Dooly Co., Georgia. This argument will be laid out here for others to judge.

For a number of years, many people (myself included) thought that Enoch was the son of John Shiver, son of John of Kershaw County. Evidence of legal notices found in some newspapers listed below appear to refute that assumption. We know that John's wife was Lydia from the same quit claim deed mentioned above. In 1850, a Lyddia SHIVER is living with Alfred SHIVER in Dale County, Alabama, and she is of the right age to be John's wife. If she was indeed Enoch, Manning and Ransom's mother, why is she living with Alfred (a man that is not linked to the other three men in any way that I can find) in Dale County, Alabama? If she were these boys' mother, she would most likely have been living with one of them in Georgia, nearer her grandchildren.

James and Elizabeth were living in Kershaw District, South Carolina during the 1800 census and their household looked as follows:

1800 Federal Census of Kershaw County, South Carolina
Page #399
Head of Household: James SHIVER
Free White Males: 1 - Under 10; 1 - 26-45
Free White Females: 1- 16-26.
Engaged in Manufacturing: 1.

The next time we see James is in the 1820 Georgia Land Lottery for Captain Adam Jones' District where he received two draws. I'm not sure exactly what land this covered, but Laurens County, where most of the SHIVERs seemed to have ended up in 1820 was not part of it. Early County however, the precursor to Baker and Mitchell Counties had a large number of lots in that draw.

In 1820, it appears he is living in Laurens County near a large number of the SHIVER clan. (This is a VERY damaged census and I am guessing that the Jas. Shiver listed just next to John Shiver is James, son of John of Kershaw Co., and it appears he is already widowed at this point]:

1820 Federal Census of Laurens County, Georgia
Page #
Head of Household: Jas. SHIVER (listed just above John SHIVER)
Free White Males: 1 - 26-45
Free White Females: 1 - Under 10; 2 - 10-16.

By 1830, James is living in Dooly County near his brother John and other family. Since it seems he was a widower in 1820, he has either a very young second wife or a widowed daughter living with him. The boys would all be grown, married and out raising families by this time.

1830 Federal Census of Dooly County, Georgia
Page #87
Head of Household: James SHIVER, Sr.
Free White Males: 1 - Under 5; 1 - 40-50;
Free White Females: 1 - 10-15; 1 - 20-30.

In the James and Polly Shiver family Bible, it states: "James Shiver Sr. brother of Jacob Shiver, Sr. decesd this life February 11th 1831." In legal notices appearing in the Union Recorder of Baldwin County, Georgia, (Evans, Tad. Baldwin County, Georgia, Newspaper Clippings (Union Recorder). Savannah, Georgia: Tad Evans, 1994.] we learn that Enoch Shiver was acting as the administrator of James Shiver's estate.

On 8 Mar 1831, the following was published: Georgia, Dooly County: Enoch Shiver applies for letters of administration on the estate of James Shiver, late of said county, deceased. (Signed) Thomas H. Key C.C.O. This was followed on 19 May 1831 by: Georgia, Dooly County: Four months after date, application will be made to the Inferior Court, of said County, when sitting for Ordinary Purposes, for leave to sell the property of James Shiver, late of said county, deceased. (Signed) Enoch Shiver, Adm.

Since it was generally the oldest son that served as the administrator of an estate, and it appears that James died without benefit of a will, Lyrice and I have made the tentative connection between James and Enoch. On 13 Dec 1832, Enoch petitions for letters of dismission from the estate of James Shiver, late of [Dooly] county. But then again on 11 Jul 1833 in Georgia, Dooly County: Four months after date, application will be made to the Inferior Court of said county, when sitting for Ordinary Purposes, for leave to sell the property of James Shiver, late of said county, deceased. (Signed) Enoch Shiver, Adm." He again requests the same on 22 Jan 1834.

It seems that Enoch's petition for dismission was denied, as he was still selling property from the estate up into 1834. The records of Dooly County, Georgia from this period were destroyed in a courthouse fire in 1847, so it is impossible to check for more detailed information on James' estate, or his brother John's for that matter, John having died 25 Jan 1833 also in Dooly County.

For more information on the connections between Enoch, Manning, Fleming and Ransom, please see their individual pages.

If you can add any information to the above data or have any questions, please contact me. Thank you!

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